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In the real estate climate today, it’s important to get in on new opportunities before they hit the mass market. That way, you get first choice and the best price. As the opportunity becomes more widely available, the opportunity for exclusivity and reduced pricing diminishes.

Because of my reputation and involvement in the real estate industry, I am one of the first to know about any exclusive new condo or property development. Therefore, I have the opportunity to be one of the few agents invited to these exclusive PLATINUM VIP events.

I can offer my clients the first opportunity to purchase at a reduced rate before the opportunity opens up to more agents and the prices climb!!!

I’ll teach you the power of Platinum VIP Investing. My clients have seen their investments increase in value by $10,000 to $50,000 by the time other agents have access to it and months before the general public learn of the opportunity. My clients have seen massive price increases in the value of their condos. All it took was this one simple technique.

  • Get you in at the very first sales event to purchase at the very lowest prices
  • Help choose the best suites for future marketability
  • Make you familiar with the process and important dates and closing costs
  • Reviewing the Agreement and making amendments to the Agreement
  • Help refer you to a lawyer, mortgage broker and accountant if necessary
  • Keep you up-to-date on the progress of the development and the local market
  • Attend the pre-delivery inspection on your behalf to make sure there are no deficiencies in the suite
  • Help with closing and leasing your suite at no cost
  • I will list and sell your suite as an Assignment of Resale for only 1.5%


If you’re interested please contact us here.

Thanks again for doing such a great job selling my condo. You made the whole process stress and worry free. Of all the Realtors I've worked with, your knowledge of the fundamentals of Real Estate, especially within the Toronto market was unparalleled. Thanks for going the extra mile. - Victoria